Let me help you create a homethat warms up your soul

Let me help you
create a home
that warms up
your soul

Furnish a new home and find some execellent ideas.
Let a professional plan and execute the renovation of your house or apartment.
Make your space cozier and bring more colours and warmth inside.
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Let’s turn your space into the home of your dreams, a home that warms up  your soul.

Transform your home

  • Are you buying a new home
  • Are you planning to renovate your existing space?
  • Do you want to refurbish your home?
  • Are you interested in a professional design of your property?
  • Do you want an expert to manage your project from the beginning to the end?
  • Would you like to tweak the existing interior of your home?
  • Do you need advice on existing furniture arrangement or colour scheme?

Let us work together to transform your space into a dream home.

Interiérový designér Praha Olina Puchalová/ Delicato Design

Meet Olina Puchalová, an interior designer

  • I will carefully consider all your wishes and expectations.
  • I will oversee the whole process, starting with the creative design concept and ending by walking you through your new comfortable home.
  • I know how to tastefully combine colours, use textiles and give a soul to an interior.
  • I have a keen eye for detail and can offer advice on the smallest part of the design.
  • I care not only about esthetics, but functionality as well.
  • The quality of the final work is important to me. I work closely with qualified contractors and verified suppliers.
  • The result of our cooperation will be a cozy and comfortable home that will bring you joy and warm your soul. 
It has been a pleasure and a true learning experience working with Olina on the interior design of my house. A great journey starting with creating the concept for each room up to the final details when implementing it. After creating the concept for the living room we had to work out how the pieces fit together and bring them to life.
Olina has strong work ethics and good communication skills. She is a problem solving person, any adjustments or improvements I have asked for were timely addressed.
Last but not least Olina is very reliable and showed trustworthiness during the process. I always felt I had a partner. She negotiated on my behalf with different suppliers and helped with identifying the best quality price ratio.
I would highly recommend Olina for her talent, curiosity and oppennes proven on her work.
Emilie Leonard

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Let me help you bring your dream home to life.


Book an appointment

During a personal meeting, we will discuss your ideas and expectations, specify the scope of your project, and agree on next steps.


Let’s get started

I will develop an individual interior design concept for you and bring it to life, down to the last detail.


Enjoy your new home

Our cooperation will result in a beautiful and comfortable home that will warm up your soul.

Let's transform your space 
in a cozy and warm home

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