My name is Olina Puchalova. Interior design is both my job and my passion. I offer interior design services and provide its complete implementation.

I got into interior design by chance when I was furnishing my home. I did not have anyone to guide me through the process or help me make good decisions. I had to take care of everything myself.

Designing my home inspired me to enter Design School in Prague. After graduation I started my studio, “Delicato Design”.  Earlier in my career I worked in a marketing department of The Coca-Cola Company. My position there taught me to successfully finish projects, communicate with people, and effectively solve problems. I use all 100% of these qualities in my current job as a designer.

As I design the interior concept for your home, I will take into account both visual and functional aspects. Your comfort and your safety are important to me. At the end, I want to see a home that reflects your personality and fits your family’s lifestyle.

I usually oversee my projects from the concept to the finish line. I have a reliable pool of suppliers and craftsmen who have consistently provided a high standard of finished product over many years of our work together.

I love using wallpaper, textiles and different colour palettes. I believe that these elements highlight a design unique to you and create a comfortable space. At the end of the day a satisfied and happy client is my biggest reward.

Get in touch with me and I will gladly develop an individual interior concept to fit your lifestyle. I will also take care of the execution from A to Z.  I work mostly in and around Prague, but would be happy to travel for a meeting.


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