Design Consultation

If you would like to change your existing interior, but don’t know where to start.
If you need advice on existing furniture arrangement, colour scheme or other aspect of your interior.
If you are hesitant about undertaking a complex renovation project.

How will you benefit from the consultation?

During a personal meeting I will advise you on effective furniture placement, colour scheme adjustment, choice of materials and overall styling. I will suggest possible changes to make your home more functional and cozy. I will share contacts of suitable suppliers and will provide information of an approximate cost of their services.

The visit offers a chance for a quick on the spot advice. If you would like to receive further advice and functional layouts tailored for your home, ask for my other services and arrange for another visit. I will then prepare a cost estimate for the design concept.

Price: 1 900 CZK/ per hour

Consultation usually takes 1.5-2 hours. At the end you will receive an invoice, which will include the consultation cost and the cost of travel. 

Travel cost for Prague is a fixed amount of 500Kc.  Travel cost outside of Prague is 12Kc/ km and 500Kc/ per hour.

We invited Mrs Puchalova for an interior consultation on a house renovation because  we had no idea where to start. During 1.5 hours Mrs Puchalova shared her knowledge of design with us and helped us to form a clearer perspective on how we could proceed with our ideas. 

Thanks to her we decided to dismantle a part of the bearing wall to create a bigger and brighter space for our living room and kitchen. She also advised us on how to select appropriate materials and colours. 

If you need some help in refining your ideas and getting some new ones a consultation with Mrs Puchalova is a great first step towards a successful renovation.

Eliška Švecová

Let's transform your space 
in a cozy and warm home

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