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To create a kids room for two little rascals, and with such a small space, felt impossible to achieve for us.Essentially our task was to create a kids play-room, a bedroom including the 3rd bed for guests and a closet as well as a space for school supplies, all in one room. Basically everything that children need in such a limited space, which initially was hard for us to imagine. Which is why I turned to Ms. Puchalova, which was recommended to me.

When I take a look at our pretty kids room right now, I know that it was the right choice. Collaborating with Olina was amazing, because she didn’t have any issues with any of my ideas that I pitched and she was always ready to hear me out and add her own ideas and practical tweaks to improve on the specific thing that we were working on. Every night, when my kids fall asleep in their new beds, I gaze in awe at their room. It’s just spectacular. This is why I fully recommend Ms. Puchalova. The result of her work will thrill and surprise you, just like it has surprised us, very positively.

Eliška Hynková

My kitchen renovation has just been completed and I am so happy with it. It is exactly as I wanted it. Olina has been so professional every step on the way. From planning and design, to organising the tradesmen and advice on colours, finishes, fixtures and fittings. 

It’s never easy to find reliable craftsmen here in CZ but Olina’s team ALWAYS turned up when they were supposed to, and did a fanatastic job. Olina listened to what I wanted and offered advice to bring it to reality. I am so happy with the result and I will be using Delicato Design for my next project.

Deborah Hunt

When we decided to refurbish our house I knew what I liked bud didn’t really know where to get all the things and which companies to use. I asked Olina to help me, and that was a great decision

She did not just get me all the contacts I needed but also communicated with the companies, checked their work and negotiated the prices. She also was a great support in helping me making color and material decisions and came up with some new ideas. 

She was always on top of things and helped us to move on to finish our plan. Thank you Olina!

Nicole Anderegg

Olina Puchalova helped with an extensive reconstruction of my kitchen. During a long-term cooperation on this project Olina demonstrated a high level of her abilities in space planning phase incl. development of several concepts in 2D and 3D. She also paid close attention to the project from an esthetic and a practical point of view

Her personal approach to the project was invaluable. Overall, the cooperation with Olina was good-natured and effective, I highly recommend her.


Lada Campion

More Testimonials

I found Olina via a suggested link on YouTube. I’m glad I did, we needed to and interior design plan to complete an apartment in Prague 1. Olina listened carefully to my suggestions but applied her skills and creativity to produce a great design, and right on budget. 

Olina is brilliant at what she does and manages the interaction really well, and you feel comfortable at all times, and enjoy the experience. I’ll be back ! Highly recommended.

James Walsch

Look nowhere else if you need a designer who not only draws the concept but also implement everything to a new home. I worked with Olina on a 100% reconstruction of an old flat. Olina was super attentive, detail-oriented and responsible

All the construction workers and specialists she recommended were all professional and did a good job. The best thing is my reconstruction timeline was not delayed at all! This is rarely seen in CZ as far as I have heard.

The highlight of all is the floorwork and the kitchen, both top quality and reasonable price. The main construction work and electricity were done also perfectly. There were small issues but we worked together to solve each and every of them eventually.

Now I can live happily ever after in this brand new flat.

S. S.
It has been a pleasure and a true learning experience working with Olina on the interior design of my house.
A great journey starting with creating the concept for each room up to the final details when implementing it.
After creating the concept for the living room we had to work out how the pieces fit together and bring them to life. Olina took the time to organise visits to different showrooms so that the colours, texture and the design of the sofas have been carefully selected in harmony with the colours and texture of the curtains and rugs.
She made good suggestions on the placement of the lights particularly in the living room and dining room. She came up with a selection of lights and the chosen ones are defining and completing the concept of the rooms with a touch of character.
We opted for tailor made furniture in the kids rooms. The aim was to optimize the space in a functional manner but also defining and differentiating the room as per the kid’s hobies.
Olina has strong work ethics and good communication skills. She is a problem solving person, any adjustments or improvements I have asked for were timely addressed.
Last but not least Olina is very reliable and showed trustworthiness during the process. I always felt I had a partner. She negotiated on my behalf with different suppliers and helped with identifying the best quality price ratio.
I would highly recommend Olina for her talent, curiosity and oppennes proven on her work.
Emilia Leonard

I want to thank Delicato Design and Olina for their efforts to make our house so comfortable and well designed. They are really great when it comes to customizing and tailoring to what beautiful home is.


Federico Robertazzi

I needed to refresh and renovate some part of my house and some friends recommended Olina. What I appreciated the most is her reliability and attention to details. She is always listening and open to suggest different options according to my budget and wishes. I am highly satisfied and will be calling Olina for next projects.

Camilla Passoni

Olina offered us some advice on rearranging our children’s bedroom as they progress to full sized beds. She understood the children’s needs and interacted very gently with them, encouraging them to help measure space and making it a fun activity with them. She also advised on moving around furniture and carpets within our house to improve the sense of space and colour matching. She was highly professional, warm and open. A lovely person to work with in our home. Thank you!

Sarah Boschi

I needed to refresh my living room, to add a cozy touch to it. Olina offered me several options maximizing the use of existing furniture. I am really satisfied. Thanks a lot

Martial Djeudje

I needed to refresh and renovate some part of my house and some friends recommended Olina. What I appreciated the most is her reliability and attention to details. She is always listening and open to suggest different options according to my budget and wishes. I am highly satisfied and calling Alina fot next projects.

Zahra Ahmed

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