Design Concept

Design concept includes

  • furniture arrangement plans in 2D and 3D perspectives.
  • style, colour & material  moodboards including flooring, doors, furniture, textiles, wallpaper, paint, etc.
  • furnishing catalogues covering furniture selection, lighting, textiles, and drawings of custom-made furniture.
Price  12-20 000 Kč per room

Design Execution

Design Execution includes

  • supplier sourcing, preparation of quotes and timeline for each category of work.
  • detailed drawings of tiling plan, drawings required for electrical and plumbing work,and lighting scheme.
  • visits to showrooms.
  • communication and on-site supervision.
Price per hour  600 Kč
travelling expenses 9 Kč per 1km

Design Consultation

Design consultation includes

  • colour scheme adjustment
  • adjustment of the space layout with use of the existing furniture
  • quick consultation  concerning new functional layout of the room in a form of sketches
  • other tips on how to make your space more cozy


Price for 120 min  3000 Kč
travelling expenses 9 Kč per 1km