Design Execution

If you would like to put my Design Concept into life, but have no time to do it yourself.
If you want an experienced professional to manage your project for you.
If you do not want to source suppliers and supervise them.

Design Execution includes

  • Hiring of contractors and suppliers
  • Onsite supervision
  • Preparation of timeline for each category of work
  • Communication with contractors and suppliers

Benefits of working with me

I will keep the entire project under supervision and inform your about the progress. I will help to guide you if you decide to do the reconstruction by yourself.  

  • I manage the whole process of creating a new interior
  • I prepare a timeline for each category of work
  • I communicate with contractors and suppliers during the entire project
  • I sort out any unexpected issues.
Cost: 900 CZK per hour
travelling expenses 12 CZK per kilometre

The total price is defined individually based on the scope of work. I will gladly provide you an estimate of hours based on my experience with previous projects, such as bathroom renovation, living & dining room concept development or renovation of an old apartment. The total cost is calculated based on the hourly rate of 900Kc. Travel expenses of 9Kc/km and parking costs are added to the final cost.

At the end of each month I will send you an account of all the work hours and travel which I have put into your project for your approval.

You will also get individual invoices from all the skilled craftsmen and suppliers involved in your project. The client is responsible for the direct payments of these invoices, which include payments to painters, electricians, carpenters, suppliers of furniture, lighting, window decorations, etc.

Case study

Kitchen renovation in an apartment building

Mrs. Lucie contacted me with a request to design a new kitchen. Renovation included installation of a fitted kitchen, new flooring and tiles, and new electrical chase preparation. Several professionals (carpenter, painter, tiler & floor specialiast) were hired for the renovation. I prepared a timeline for each category of work and supervised the whole process.

Scope of work:
  • Joint visits to the flooring showroom and the tile shop
  • Selection of vinyl flooring and tiles
  • Uninstalling of the old kitchen
  • Communication with contractors and suppliers
  • Preparation of the timeline for suppliers
  • On-site supervision
The cost of execution phase

11 150CZK (the final cost included 2 visits to showrooms and 5 on-site visits during the execution)

Duration of the reconstruction

3 weeks

I wanted my kitchen to have a modern style but unfortunately could’t find a kitchen studio, which could offer to see this process through. Finally, I got a reference from a reputable architectural studio for Ms Puchalova. After looking at her webpage I contacted her and never looked back.

After the first meeting Ms Puchalova prepared several concepts. We have come to an agreement on one of them.  She promptly contacted her suppliers and contractors and prepared a timeline for them. Her work and management of the whole project was the key to the success and brought great value to the project. The job was done perfectly to my liking. 

Ms Puchalova was very professional. She was understanding, pleasant, and accommodating. The end result exceeded my expectations.

Lucie Schmiedová, Prague 6

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