Design Concept

If you are in the process of buying a new home.
If you don’t know how to start renovation and refurbishing of your place.
If you are planning a reconstruction of the existing space.

What does the process look like?


Initial Design Consultation

1.5-2 hours

I always start with an initial design consultation (1.5-2 hours).

This is the time for you to share all about your lifestyle, taste, colour preferences, etc. I will use this information to finetune and personalise the design concept for your space. If it is your first time working with an interior designer it will be your first glance into a typical process of interior design where I can share some of my previous projects with you. This meeting should take place in the space which is going to be adjusted. 

The initial consultation is a paid service – I will provide you with a lot of valuable information on how to proceed when furnishing  an apartment or planning renovation. Should you decide to proceed with the project the cost of this meeting will be deducted from the total cost of the project.


Initial meeting in Prague
1.5 - 2 hours
Cost: 3 000 CZK
The cost includes travel.
Initial meeting outside of Prague
1.5 - 2 hours
Cost: 2 500 CZK + travel
Travel cost is 12Kc/km and 500Kc/h.


Detailed Cost Quotation

After the initial consultation, I will work out a detailed cost proposal. After your approval and payment of a 75% deposit, I will send you a client questionnaire specific to your project. Your answers will inform and guide the whole interior design process and will help me to be attuned to your specific desires.


Detailed Consultation

A meeting is set up to discuss the questionnaire and to do the initial measurements of your space.

Design Concept includes

  • Furniture arrangement plans in 2D and 3D perspectives
  • Inspirational moodboards of the given space in line with the chosen interior style
  • Furnishing catalogues with furniture selection, lighting, textiles, and drawings of custom-made furniture
  • Detailed drawings for individual craftsmen and workers, like tiling plans, drawings required for electrical and plumbing work or lighting schemes
  • Cost quotations from suppliers
  • Client meetings and visiting showrooms and furniture shops
Price: from 16 000 CZK per room.

The price for this phase is fixed and is calculated individually for each project. I define the overall price of the design concept based on my experience from past projects of similar type. The payment for design concept is paid in two parts, initial 75% prepayment before the work begins, and the remaining  25% after the handover of the finished design concept.

Olina Puchalova helped with an extensive reconstruction of my kitchen. During a long-term cooperation on this project Olina demonstrated a high level of her abilities in space planning phase incl. development of several concepts in 2D and 3D. She also paid close attention to the project from an esthetic and a practical point of view

Her personal approach to the project was invaluable. Overall, the cooperation with Olina was good-natured and effective, I highly recommend her.

Lada Campion

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