Design Concept

Design Concept will be helpful to you

  • in the process of buying a new house
  • if you are planning a reconstruction of the existing space
  • if you don’t know how to start renovation and refurbishing of your place


What does the process look like?

I always start with an initial face to face meeting because I want to hear all about your vision and expectations. If you have never worked with an interior designer, I can offer an inside view into a typical process of interior design. We also discuss payment options. The cost of the initial consultation is 800Kc. In case of further cooperation the money is deducted from the cost of the entire project.

After the initial meeting I will work out a detailed cost quotation. After your approval and payment  of a 50% deposit, I will send you a client questionnaire specific to your project. Your answers will inform  and guide the whole interior design process and will help me to be attuned to your specific desires. After that a meeting is set up at the time convenient to you to discuss the questionnaire and to do the initial measurements of your space.


Design Concept elements

  • furniture arrangement plans in 2D and 3D perspectives
  • inspirational moodboards of the given space in line with the chosen interior style.
  • furnishing catalogues with furniture selection, lighting, textiles, and drawings of custom-made furniture.


Price per room 12-20 000 Kč

Hallway or bathroom: around 12 – 15 000 Kč

Kids’ room:  around 15-20 000 Kč

Kitchen: around 18-20 000 Kč

Living room: around 15-20 000 Kč


The price for this phase is fixed and is calculated individually for each project. I define the overall price of the design concept based on my experience from the past projects of similar type. The payment for design concept is paid in two parts, initial  50% prepayment before the work begins and the remaining  50% after the handover of the finished design concept.


Handout example:

Design Execution


Design execution will be helpful to you

  • if you would like to put my Design Concept into life, but have no time to do it yourself.
  • If you do not want to source suppliers and supervise them
  • If you would like a renovation process to be managed by an experienced specialist


I manage project execution for most of my projects. It is critical for me to be able to oversee a concept become a reality and to be available to tackle every detail and issue that may come up.  I prefer to work with my craftsmen, who know my expectations and standards and are able to deliver a high standard of work.

My clients enjoy visiting showrooms and furniture shops which I carefully pick in advance to suit their preferred style and budget. Joint visits to showrooms help us quickly finetune the design concept of the interior.


Design execution includes

  • detailed drawings for individual craftsmen and workers, like tiling plans, drawings required for electrical and plumbing work or lighting schemes
  • cost quotations from suppliers
  • schedule for each individual area of work to make sure that all required steps are taken into account and done on time


Price per hour  600 Kč, travelling expenses 9 Kč per 1km and parking

At the end of each month I will send you an account of all the work hours and travel which I have put into your project for your approval.

You will also get individual invoices from all the skilled craftsmen and suppliers involved in your project. The client is responsible for the direct payments of these invoices, which include payments to painters, electricians, carpenters, suppliers of furniture, lighting, window decorations, etc.


Handout example:

Design Consultation


Design consultation will be helpful to you

  • if you are hesitant about undertaking a complex renovation project
  • if you would like to change your existing interior, but don’t know where to start
  • if you need advice on existing furniture arrangement, colour scheme or other aspect of your interior


A personal visit to your home will be necessary to advise you on effective furniture placement, colour scheme adjustment, choice of materials and overall styling. Based on the visit and your input I will suggest possible changes to make your home more functional and cozy.

The visit offers a chance for a quick on the spot advice. If you would like to receive further advice and functional layouts tailored for your home, ask for my other services and arrange for another visit.


Price for 120 minute 3 000 Kč

travelling expenses 9 Kč per 1km and parking