Every space can have several interior design solutions. This is very true in case of this project.

Young couple bought an appartment in the residential area Top Residence. Since the beginning they had definite ideas about their new home:

  • change of the original functional layout
  • kitchen with a cooking-island where both partners can cook.

Besides these changes we did the following:

  • We changed the placement of the dining table; the dining part is now connected to the kitchen
  • The original place for the dining table now belongs to the reading corner with the library and the armchair
  • In the library it was required to plan a space for an aquarium and for a home pet – a bunny. At first glance the place for the bunny is not very noticeable and that was the requirement of the client
  • We have chosen a decorative stone for the wall with a TV and the bio fireplace
  • Stylewise, the clients wanted their interior to reflect both European and Asian cultures. That’s why I offered several elements that have a connection to Asian culture. These are paintings with Chinese calligraphy, a coffee table “Noguchi” in the 1st version and chairs “Wishbone” in the 2nd version
  • Colorwise, I stayed with the clients’ preferences: a mix of neutrals and wood décor, supplemented by several accent colors. In the 2nd version e.g. the purple-red color is seen in various accessories as well as in the Chinese calligraphy.