During the spring lockdown a young man contacted me with a request to redesign his living room. As majority of my clients, he wanted to make his living space more cosy and comfortable for himself and his visitors.

Here are some BEFORE photos of the living room.

Requirements for the living room makeover were the following:

  • Incorporate live plans and botanical artwork into the interior
  • Add storage for books and board games
  • Make lighting more functional and calming.

Here are two ways to refresh the space. The first proposal required more changes and bigger investments. The second proposal was more economical. Which one do you prefer?

First proposal:

  •  Furniture was rearranged. New smaller couch was placed in alignment with the current floor plan
  •   Dining room furniture was rearranged to create a more visually pleasing and free flowing space
  •  Black IKEA Besta furniture was kept, but I suggested changing the cabinet doors to oak décor to mute the black colour. To decorate the wall above the TV I proposed to install two IKEA Lack shelves, where flower pots or artwork can be easily placed
  • To  make the room more cosy I suggested light semi-transparent sheer curtains and light-grey wall paint. I also proposed adding more textile elements like pillows, a rug or a puff seat to bring the room together
  • New ceiling lighting and a table tripod lamp were to be added

Second, more pocket friendly, proposal:

  • The original couch was kept, but the upholstery was to be changed from dark grey to light beige colour
  • Cabinet doors were replaced with oak décor doors and additional IKEA Eket storage was added for books and board games
  •  New IKEA Lisboa dining table with new black IKEA dining chairs replaced the old dining set
  • IKEA Lack shelves with flower pots and posters were positioned on the TV wall
  • Light semi-transparent sheer curtains, a rug, decorative pillows and puff seat were added for additional seating
  • Walls were to be painted in a off-white shade
  • New pendant light was installed along the floor lamp

The last challenge we faced was hiding the wall cut out between the living room and the kitchen. My original suggestion was to fill it in, but at the end we agreed to cover it with a large painting.

I prepared a shopping list and accompanied the client on a shopping trip to IKEA as a  part of completing this project.

I really enjoyed working on this design and would like to join in and contribute to one of yours.

If you feel like you need a partner in creating comfort and beauty in your home, get in touch with me.