Complete reconstruction of the apartment 3+kk


Towards the end of October 2020, a young successful lady  contacted me with a request to help her with the reconstruction of the old apartment 3+kk.

During the first visit it was already clear that it would be a complete reconstruction incl. a change of flooring, doors, a new electro and plumbing installation, and a new floor layout that’ll better reflect the needs of the client.

I prepared 2 versions of the floor plan and 2 options of the colour-material scheme. Below is the version that won. In this option we decided to wall in the door between the kitchen and the hallway, so a bigger fully fledged kitchen could be planned.

Instead of the original tiny bathroom we planned a laundry room with the sink, washing and drying machines. We kept WC at the original place and instead of the built-in wardrobes in the hallway, we built a new bathroom with a shower, sink and another WC.

Colourwise, the apartment was done in light shades of taupe and grey accented by blue and black. Both in the bathroom and the kitchen we used blue tiles which refreshed the neutral colour scheme.

The reconstruction started in mid-Feb and the intense work ended around mid-June.

Today I’d like to share the photos of the kitchen “Before” and “After”. When I look back at this project, I’m very happy about the beautiful kitchen that my client has now. The tailor-made kitchen was made by the carpenter, the countertop is from the artificial stone Technistone, and finally blue tiles and black accents enlivened the kitchen.


Living room and kitchen, Top Rezidence


Every space can have several interior design solutions. This is very true in case of this project.

Young couple bought an appartment in the residential area Top Residence. Since the beginning they had definite ideas about their new home:

  • change of the original functional layout
  • kitchen with a cooking-island where both partners can cook.

Besides these changes we did the following:

  • We changed the placement of the dining table; the dining part is now connected to the kitchen
  • The original place for the dining table now belongs to the reading corner with the library and the armchair
  • In the library it was required to plan a space for an aquarium and for a home pet – a bunny. At first glance the place for the bunny is not very noticeable and that was the requirement of the client
  • We have chosen a decorative stone for the wall with a TV and the bio fireplace
  • Stylewise, the clients wanted their interior to reflect both European and Asian cultures. That’s why I offered several elements that have a connection to Asian culture. These are paintings with Chinese calligraphy, a coffee table “Noguchi” in the 1st version and chairs “Wishbone” in the 2nd version
  • Colorwise, I stayed with the clients’ preferences: a mix of neutrals and wood décor, supplemented by several accent colors. In the 2nd version e.g. the purple-red color is seen in various accessories as well as in the Chinese calligraphy.

Living and dining room makeover


During the spring lockdown a young man contacted me with a request to redesign his living room. As majority of my clients, he wanted to make his living space more cosy and comfortable for himself and his visitors.

Here are some BEFORE photos of the living room.


Requirements for the living room makeover were the following:

  • Incorporate live plans and botanical artwork into the interior
  • Add storage for books and board games
  • Make lighting more functional and calming.

Here are two ways to refresh the space. The first proposal required more changes and bigger investments. The second proposal was more economical. Which one do you prefer?


First proposal:

  •  Furniture was rearranged. New smaller couch was placed in alignment with the current floor plan
  •   Dining room furniture was rearranged to create a more visually pleasing and free flowing space
  •  Black IKEA Besta furniture was kept, but I suggested changing the cabinet doors to oak décor to mute the black colour. To decorate the wall above the TV I proposed to install two IKEA Lack shelves, where flower pots or artwork can be easily placed
  • To  make the room more cosy I suggested light semi-transparent sheer curtains and light-grey wall paint. I also proposed adding more textile elements like pillows, a rug or a puff seat to bring the room together
  • New ceiling lighting and a table tripod lamp were to be added

Second, more pocket friendly, proposal:

  • The original couch was kept, but the upholstery was to be changed from dark grey to light beige colour
  • Cabinet doors were replaced with oak décor doors and additional IKEA Eket storage was added for books and board games
  •  New IKEA Lisboa dining table with new black IKEA dining chairs replaced the old dining set
  • IKEA Lack shelves with flower pots and posters were positioned on the TV wall
  • Light semi-transparent sheer curtains, a rug, decorative pillows and puff seat were added for additional seating
  • Walls were to be painted in a off-white shade
  • New pendant light was installed along the floor lamp

The last challenge we faced was hiding the wall cut out between the living room and the kitchen. My original suggestion was to fill it in, but at the end we agreed to cover it with a large painting.

I prepared a shopping list and accompanied the client on a shopping trip to IKEA as a  part of completing this project.

I really enjoyed working on this design and would like to join in and contribute to one of yours. If you feel like you need a partner in creating comfort and beauty in your home, get in touch with me.


Bathroom reconstruction in the family house


Do you know what a bathroom concept looks like? And what type of information does the builder need to get from a designer before the reconstruction?

Here’s an example of a bathroom project that I prepared for my contractors. It’s not only a tiling plan, but it’s also a groundwork required for plumbing and electrical work as well as other important elements that have to be sorted out before we begin tiling.

It’s always better to begin earlier in the process rather than later as inefficient planning can result in a higher cost at the end.

The reconstruction of this bathroom is done with the exception of the bathroom cupboard. In one of my future posts, I’ll share the finished pictures of it😊.